Welcome to Torch Lake


Whether you’ve stumbled upon this page or come here intentionally….

Thank You!!!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAThis is intended to be a celebration of Torch Lake & the great places, people & events surrounding it.

 You’re cordially invited to explore, contribute or share here.

Go grab your favorite beverage, get comfortable, take a deep breath, & start clicking.  If you find something you like, leave me a message, if you have something to share…jump right in!

If you love this place, you may already know some of this, but for those who don’t, here are some vital statistics:

Torch Lake is…

  • Located in the northwest corner of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan…think the first knuckle of your ring finger of your left hand or click below!


  • Michigan’s longest inland lake…19 miles.
  • the deepest at 285 ft.
  • the second largest inland lake…18770 acres of beautiful blue water with 42 miles of shoreline.
  • part of the Chain of Lakes watershed that includes Six Mile Lake, St. Claire Lake, Ellsworth Lake,  Wilson Lake, Benway Lake, Hansen Lake, Intermediate Lake Lake Bellaire Grass River, Clam Lake, Torch Lake, Lake Skegemog, & Elk Lake, all of which empty into Lake Michigan.


  • named for the Ojibwa phrase – “Was-wa-gon-ong” – which translates to Place of Torches because the Native Americans used torches at night to fish.
  • known for its cyrstal clear blue waters which makes it the perfect place to indulge in aquatic activities including swimming, fishing, boating, water-skiing, sailing, canoeing, wakeboarding, kayaking, diving, & kite-surfing.

Welcome to the Heart of Torch Lake






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  1. Peg Comfort says:


  2. Beautiful! Just like you!

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