Aurora Borealis…Really?!?

OK, I’m a big girl…

I can take it & I know whining doesn’t help, but


Apparently I missed the Northern Lights (again) Friday night over Torch Lake & Northern Michigan. I know whining won’t help & I know there are millions of people on this planet who will never see the Northern Lights. There are millions more who don’t even  know what they are, but that isn’t helping me.

Once again I was fast asleep while Mother Nature decked her own lovely self out in shimmering, greens & blues. I do know how breathtakingly beautiful the night skies can be because I’ve been lucky enough to see the  Aurora several different times in several different places, just never here on Torch Lake. When I heard they’d made their spectacular appearance Friday night, I was seriously depressed. Then I decided to take a more proactive approach, so here are my Five Tips for Guaranteeing a Northern Light Sighting:

1. Drink obscene amounts of caffeine just before bed, promising hours of time to watch for them.

2. Drink equally obscene amounts of water just before bedtime, ensuring multitudinous opportunities to get up & check for them.

3. Take an eight-hour nap in the early evening….same logic.

4. Join an Aurora Alert Network. They will call you when the possibility of an Aurora exists. Unfortunately they have close ties with the Practical Joker network & cannot be trusted. Think of how many times you made that phone call that started “Do you have Prince Albert in a can?”

5.  Move to Alaska. Extreme, but effective.

I did NOT take these pictures Friday night…I got them off the internet.












And here’s the best news!

While searching for these pictures I discovered predictions for the Aurora Borealis tonight! So Happy Watching!

Me…I’m off to drink copious amounts of water & take a nap!

Picture 008-1



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1 Response to Aurora Borealis…Really?!?

  1. Heather says:

    I’m sorry you missed out 😦
    But you did find some beautiful shots!

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