If you don’t like reading, just stop here & click somewhere else…

This summer I decided to reread my 4 favorite childhood books.

Harold & the Purple Crayon is first up on the list. If you like the color purple, or you like drawing, this book is for you. It’s the first book I remember loving & obsessively reading over & over again. Harold uses his purple crayon (my favorite color back then) to draw his very own personal world. Creativity just doesn’t get much better than that!

Harper Collins 1955

Harper Collins 1955

My first grade teacher, Mrs. Simcox captured me with the second book on the list, Winnie the Pooh. Seated on the rug in a circle by her feet, I fell in love with the big yellow bear & Eeyore. What’s not to like about a kid with an optimistic critter friend who loves honey?


Pippi Longstockings is next. Freckles, fire-engine red pigtails, & a pet monkey named Mr. Nelson…how cool is that?


Last but not least, East of the Sun & West of the Moon.


All of these stories have been updated, revised, republished, and “movied”, but here’s the update I like the best….its Amanda Clarke’s version of East of the Sun…


So there you have it. I’m pretty sure it won’t take me long to finish this list so here’s where you come in…

I’m looking for other books to add to my Summer Reading List. Several of you have asked about sharing book suggestions, so I’m willing to put them together as an addition to this blog. Put on your thinking cap & give me a title of a book…something you’ve read or are reading, something someone else suggested or something you’ve always wanted to read…you get the picture. I’ll start a list & keep it up. You can leave a comment below or email me at dlverploegh@gmail.com.


Thanks in advance!

Me…I’m off to enjoy a book!

Sometimes all you need is a good book & a friend!

About Diane

a long time lover of all things aquatic...swimming, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling...if it involves water...I'm in. Add traveling, snowshoeing in the winter, gardening in the spring, & lots of fresh air & sunshine. Blend with cooking, crafting, great friends & my Border Collie Zack. Toss in some sweet beekeeping. Mix in a couple of great books, my camera, clean notebook paper, & a cool pen & you pretty much have a picture of me. My friends tell me I should also add..."once a teacher...always a teacher".
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3 Responses to Warning!!!

  1. Maureen says:

    I’m loving Ron McLarty lately. His books “The Memory of Running” and “Traveler” were really enjoyable. His writing is so engaging.

  2. mboukamp says:

    Recently read “The Language of Flowers” and really was captivated! Great post!

  3. Iris says:

    Enjoyed all of your blogs. It’s obvious you are having a wonderful time with your new venture!!

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