A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I’m not an expert on William Shakespeare…


but I’ve always been particularly confused by A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Language & humor along with fairies & fireflies weave an enchanting tale, but here’s the thing…

If summer officially starts on June 21st & ends around September 21st, then wouldn’t logic dictate that “mid” summer would occur sometime in early August. Do the math…roughly 90 days between the June & September dates…divided in half is 45 days…add 45 days to June 21st & you come up about now!!! So why is it that whenever you come across William’s play or any reference to it, Midsummer is considered to be June 21st or the summer solstice. Go figure.

Here’s another question that chases itself around my brain…

photo courtesy of scienceblogs.com

photo courtesy of scienceblogs.com

Theoretically, how close could you stand in a lake to a lightening bolt that struck the water & feel the buzz, but not get killed? That’s an awkward way to phrase the question, so if you have a clearer wording…send it along. Good thunderstorms are thrilling with slashing light & rumbling thunder. I don’t particularly have a death wish but would love to feel just the tiniest jolt from a bolt in the lake. I’ve consulted with my friends about this question & several scientists because I believe that somewhere out there lurks a mathematical formula that would provide guidelines for the answer. Again, any thoughts about this…send them along.

Next up on the list of Midsummer Night’s questions…

If you’re in a boat on the west side of the lake when the sun is setting, is it possible to speed to the east side & see the sunset again? If so, how fast would you have to travel?


Finally, the last big Midsummer Night’s questions…

Roasted Marshmallow

If I like marshmallows & you don’t, is it because the marshmallows taste different to you & I or is it because they taste exactly the same & you don’t appreciate their taste? The corollary question is: Do I have better taste if I like marshmallows?

If you have any good Midsummer Night’s questions let me know. They can be profound, poetic, pithy or practical. Remember what your third grade teacher always said, “There is no such thing as a bad question! Also, don’t let these questions get in the way of celebrating your own Midsummer Night’s Dreams.

Me…I’m off to consult with an expert!!!

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