Food, Glorious Food!

In the 1968 Musical – Oliver sang about it…

food glorious food – hot sausage & mustard

while we’re in the mood – cold jelly & custard…

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photo courtesy of

This time of year in Northern Michigan you don’t have to sing about it, you only have to grab your favorite shopping bag & head for the nearest Farmer’s Market. Pick your favorite color & you’re sure to find something at the market to match. Pick your favorite flavor, sweet, tart, bland, hot…it’s all there. The planning & plowing of early spring & summer, the hoping & hoeing, watering, worrying & work, come to a riotous, colorful conclusion during the next month.


Although you might not be able to tell the exact time of day by a farmer’s market, you can certainly read the calendar. Starting with asparagus, strawberries & tender young green lettuce, moving on to cherries, berries, peaches & corn, & finishing with the arrival of apples, potatoes, & pumpkins, each harvest marks the passing of the weeks of summer.


All the hype about eating fresh, going organic, & supporting the local economy is without a doubt superlative advice, but the best reason to get yourself to a Farmer’s Market is the fun. Seeing the colors, feeling the freshness, & chatting with the people who work or shop there makes farm market shopping worth the time. Not only palette pleasing, but soul satisfying.














Here are 2 websites that will help you locate some of the local farm markets…

In addition, most communities have weekly markets so check those out too!

If you’re wondering what to do during the cold winter months now that you’re hooked on farm marketing, here’s another site with local winter markets…

And here’s your personal invitation to the Alden Farmer’s Market…The next few Thursday evenings at the park.

Just when you think you have everything you need & you can’t possibly fit one more thing in your bag, you may find some irresistible surprises waiting just on the next table!

DSC00764Art Fair

Me…I’m off to find my bike for a quick trip to the market!!! 

Picture 003-2PS…New books on the list!!!

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