Earth Day of Torch Lake

Last month we celebrated Earth Hour…


On March 29th, individuals, cities, & corporations were encouraged to turn off non-essential lights & appliances for an hour. It was impressive to see some of the pictures of the great architectural sites of the world without their lights!

This week Tuesday is Earth Day & again everyone is encouraged to do something to help our environment.


Earth Day 2014 marks the 44th year of a movement that grew out of the turmoil of the late 6o’s & early 70’s. In 1962 Rachel Carson wrote Silent SpringIn a time when much of the country was concerned about the war in Vietnam & racial issues stateside, her book is thought to have been one of the factors that began to focus more attention on our environment. Earth Day 1970 marked the official beginning of a movement encouraging  environmental responsibility.

You can celebrate this Earth Day getting out there & doing something… planting trees, picking up trash, cleaning trails or beaches, replacing light bulbs, turning off lights, riding your bike instead of driving, carpooling… the list is endless.


Or you can get out your checkbook. There are countless organizations who will use your money to help protect & preserve the environment. I’m pretty sure any of them would gladly accept your check. You can of course look to the large national or international organizations but here’s a list of some of the groups (with links) in Northern Michigan if you want to act locally:

Torch Lake Protection Alliance

Grass River Natural Area

Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy

The Loon Network

P.O Box 117, Alden MI 49612

Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council

Three Lakes Association

However you choose to celebrate Earth Day this year, you need to spend some of the day outdoors just enjoying whatever the day brings to your part of the world. Hug a tree or a friend, take a walk in the rain or in the sun, listen to the birds or the wind, or simply stand still with your eyes closed & send gratitude to the earth that gives you life.

At the risk of sounding “preachy” I would ask you to ask yourself why we only celebrate Earth Day once a year. Seems to me it might be worth a bit more than that.

Me…I’m off to smell the flowers!!!

Picture 002-1







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