The Hammocks of Torch Lake

I read an interesting statistic the other day…


“On any given summer day 18.6% of the people in the U.S. will spend some time in their hammocks.”

That started me thinking about my hammock. Perhaps you’ve seen the pictures of my hammock in previous blogs but the pictures don’t show how OLD my hammock is. You have to understand, I LOVE my hammock! When I got her years ago, I named her Hannah. Give me a book, a blanket, a gentle breeze, & a tall glass of something sweet, & I’m very near heaven swaying in Hannah’s arms.

My Lovely Old Hammock

My Lovely Old Hammock

All that hammock thinking, along with a marginally warmer sunny day, made me realize I could be getting ready to get Hannah out into the yard. I was distressed to say the least when I actually went out to take a look at the old girl. Some particularly obnoxious rodent decided to use bits & pieces of my hammock to build what was undoubtedly the largest nest ever, signaling the end of the Hannah Hammock era.

So now I’m faced with the task of finding a new hammock. Who knew it would be such a daunting task? Do you have any idea how many hammock choices you have to make today? There are fabric hammocks, but that means you have to get into the whole “what kind of fabric, what pattern, & what color?” You have to decide if you want a plain fabric hammock, a padded fabric hammock, or a quilted fabric hammock. Then there’s the issue of the pillow. Should your pillow match your hammock or just coordinate with it. (Can’t be too “matchy-matchy”). Will your pillow be attached or loose?

Of course you can still buy the old-fashioned rope hammock but then you have to decide if you want cotton, polyester, or the new & improved blended cords. And again, you’re faced with choices of color. Now they make rope hammocks in blue, orange, yellow, green, & red as well as the traditional oatmeal & white. What kind of wood do you favor? Varnished or painted?

You have to consider the size – single, large single, or double? Do you need a stand hammock or a tree hammock (I have yet to understand the difference there!) Do you keep your hammock up all summer or store it after every use? In which case you may need a storage box. There are hammock accessories…tables, blankets, shade umbrellas, dishware, & even lounging attire that coordinates with your hammock of choice. Even after you’ve waded through all those decisions, you still have to decide where to purchase said hammock. Online? Specialty store? Big box? Cash? Credit?

Here’s one more hammock statistic –

92.6% of all people who get into hammock fall asleep.

Compliments of

Compliments of

It was a daunting task but fear not…I managed to wade through it all. I have a brand spanking new hammock. Soon my book & my blanket & I will find our way into that hammock & join the other 18.6% & become just another statistic. I’ll swing & sway & christen my new friend.

I would love to show you a picture of my new hammock but I am utterly exhausted by all of the work involved & too tired to dig out my camera…I feel a nap coming on!

Me.. I’m off to find a sunny spot for a snooze!!!

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