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The ABC’s of Thanksgiving

Here are some Thanksgiving riddles for you to solve… What always smells the best at a Thanksgiving dinner?                     your nose   What key will never open a lock?                      a turkey   Why do turkeys gobble?                     they don’t have … Continue reading

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Over the River & Through the Woods

To Grandfather’s house we go… You sang it endlessly every fall as a child, probably never giving a thought to where this cute Thanksgiving ditty came from. Now you’ll know! Lydia Maria Child was a nineteenth century journalist, teacher, & … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Turkeys of Torch Lake

This is the story of 3  fine turkeys… who spent the summer wandering up the hills, along the roads & down to the beaches of Torch Lake. They felt very lucky to live in such a beautiful spot & they lived a life … Continue reading

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