Fourth Forecast!?!

Here’s your weather forecast for the 4th…

as near as I can figure it.


Thursday is supposed to be sunny unless its cloudy. There could be shower or it could be a thundershower if its in the area. The high temperature will be 80 but it will feel like 85. The winds will be  4 mph or possibly 8 mph. Winds will come out of the south, the south-southwest, the southwest, or the west. Theres a 40% chance of rain but only for an hour.

I’m not taking a cheap shot at the meteorologists in the area. I think it must be difficult to forecast the weather up here with all the water that surrounds us, but it does make it hard to plan for the 4th.

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Here’s what I think…Go ahead & do whatever it is you planned…

Watch a parade, picnic, wave lots of flags, party & laugh, apply sunscreen & bugscreen, spit watermelon seeds, build a campfire (safely of course), pick corn-on-the-cob out of your teeth, swim, sunbathe (see sunscreen above), do whatever the Fourth of July spirits move you to do.

But just in case the weather gets in the way, here are the top 5 rainy Fourth of July activities to keep things festive..

*  Watch a parade – unless it thunderstorms, the parade participants will be out there strutting their stuff & they need an audience.

* Picnic – go ahead, you bought all that food didn’t you? It won’t matter where you have to eat it, you can still call it a picnic!

Picture 020-1

* Wave lots of flags – it’s still all about the holiday after all & flags won’t melt if it rains, so wave away…in fact maybe you should go out in the rain & dance while you wave them!

* Party & laugh – again, it’s still a holiday, you probably aren’t working, & why waste a good excuse to be with friends & family. If you get desperate for a laugh, find a kid who knows some really awful “Knock-knock” jokes.


* Knock knock.
– Who’s there?
* Lettuce.
-Lettuce Who?
* Lettuce in! It is raining out here!

* Knock knock.
– Who’s there?
* Butter.
– Butter who?
* Butter let me in real quick! Its raining really hard!

* If it does end up raining, you can skip the sunscreen, bugscreen, campfire, & sunbathing, but don’t worry about swimming, (you’ll be wet anyway), watermelon & corn-on-the-cob. These are time-tested elements of any good summer celebration, with or without the rain.


Picture 006-1

If all else fails & the weather truly crashes…

just put everything away & try again Friday! I’m sure the Founding Fathers wouldn’t mind.

Me…I’m off to find my spot for the parade!!!

Picture 013-2

                           Happy 4th!!!

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1 Response to Fourth Forecast!?!

  1. Meredith says:

    Weather forecasts with this much detail are hard to come by and sooooo appreciated!

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