Sew What???

This blog starts with a confession…

I never learned to sew…

despite the fact that I had a mom who could probably have stitched together a small car if given enough “away time” from 3 active young kids. I was, in fact, famous during my new teacher days for being able to staple or masking tape any hem before the tardy bell rang! imagesCA2JIA4J

In addition, I had one grandmother who knitted prolifically, & another who crocheted with equal zeal. I should have become a fully formed crafter as a grown-up, but stubbornness & I suspect a short attention span left me clueless. Imagine my surprise when I decided to try my hand at quilting a few years ago. It started with the gentle nudge of a great friend & an unknown passion for collecting fabric…& lead me to last week’s the AQS Show in Grand Rapids. (AQS stands for American Quilters Society for those uninitiated in the language of stitching see www.aqsquiltshows/AQS/Grandrapids/

If it’s true that a picture is worth 1000 words then maybe there’s a chance to share a part of it with you!

To all who love color or nature, beauty or art, music, adventure or fun…







Here’s the scoop…

  • AQS sponsors shows all over the country during the year so if you’re traveling…
  • The show in Grand Rapids had 300 quilts entered this year.
  • There were also 350 vendors at the show including 2 that I recognized from our area…
  • Renee’s House of Quilting in Williamsburg. &
  • Cousins Quilt Shop in Bellaire.
  • In addition to the quilts submitted to the show there were 4 other major quilt exhibits. Check out the website to see work from Egypt, the Philippines, the National Quilt Museum & more…
  • Next year’s show in GR is Aug. 14-17 so you may want to put it on your calendar.
  • My friend is a wizard at long arm quilting & the following is a small sample of her work!


“Thank You” to the gifted quilters who chose to share their art & to all the people who created the venue to show off all the talent. I don’t know you, but I appreciate every minute you put into the project.

Me…I’m off to talk to my mom about some new clothes!!!

You don't always have to bathe alone

About Diane

a long time lover of all things aquatic...swimming, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling...if it involves water...I'm in. Add traveling, snowshoeing in the winter, gardening in the spring, & lots of fresh air & sunshine. Blend with cooking, crafting, great friends & my Border Collie Zack. Toss in some sweet beekeeping. Mix in a couple of great books, my camera, clean notebook paper, & a cool pen & you pretty much have a picture of me. My friends tell me I should also add..."once a teacher...always a teacher".
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3 Responses to Sew What???

  1. Maureen says:

    Beautiful quilts!! I especially love the bee & the horses!

  2. mboukamp says:

    Thanks for sharing fabulous pics! So wanted to go this year! Glad you had a chance to!! Marianne

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