All Things April

Wow…I hope you’re ready…

cartoon compliments of

cartoon compliments of

April is a very busy month!

Besides the showers that bring May flowers, April is the month to celebrate:

  • National Humor Month
  • International Guitar Month
  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • Lawn and Garden Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • National Pecan Month
  • National Welding Month
photo compliments of

photo compliments of

Who knew???

In addition, weekly celebrations include:

  • Week 1 – Library Week
  • Week 1 – Read a Road Map Week
  • Week 2 – Garden Week
  • Week 3 – Organize Your Files Week
  • Week 4 – National Karaoke Week


Daily holidays include but are not limited to:

1st – International Tatting Day

2nd – National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

4th – Walk Around Things Day

7th – Caramel Popcorn Day

8th – Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

11th – Barbershop Quartet Day

14th – Look up at the Sky Day

15th – Rubber Eraser Day

17th – National Cheeseball Day

18th – International Juggler’s Day

19th – National Garlic Day

21st – Kindergarten Day

& my personal favorite…

22nd – National Jelly Bean Day

Closeup of colorful jelly beans.


25th – World Penguin Day

26th – Hug an Australian Day

27th – National Prime Rib Day

28th – International Astronomy Day

29th – National Shrimp Scampi Day

30th – National Honesty Day

Last but not least, there are 3 really cool celestial events you need to write on your calendar!!!

April 8th – Mars is in opposition – which means it’s the closest to Earth. You may actually be able to see the polar ice caps through a reasonable telescope.

April 15th – Full Moon – lovely in its own right but & accompanied this month by a total lunar eclipse starting around 1 a.m. in Northern Michigan. The result is a phenomenon known as the Pink Moon.

April 22 – Lyrids meteor shower peak

Don’t worry, you don’t have to celebrate everything, just pick you favorites & go find your party hat!

Me…I’m off to practice for Karaoke Week!!!

Talking 'bout my g-g-generation!


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a long time lover of all things aquatic...swimming, sailing, kayaking, snorkeling...if it involves water...I'm in. Add traveling, snowshoeing in the winter, gardening in the spring, & lots of fresh air & sunshine. Blend with cooking, crafting, great friends & my Border Collie Zack. Toss in some sweet beekeeping. Mix in a couple of great books, my camera, clean notebook paper, & a cool pen & you pretty much have a picture of me. My friends tell me I should also add..."once a teacher...always a teacher".
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