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I’m Just Saying

My bunbury & I are both devoted pluviophiles & librocubularists… who have no patience for uglyography.  We prefer to spend the eventide thrice a week contemplating the welkin & guttling a gallimaufry of snack foods while criticizing political snollygusters. The … Continue reading

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The Prepositions of Torch Lake

In third grade Mrs. Lepley told us prepositions were “ bee & cup” words… anyway a bee & a cup could be together. Examples: A bee can be INSIDE a cup A bee can be in BEYOND a cup There was even a song … Continue reading

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So you work to learn a new computer skill… & at first you struggle then you begin to think you understand & finally you become overconfident. Comes the day you create a lovely new blog & the Gods or goddesses … Continue reading

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